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Montreal local photographer Max Hart Barnwell has been experimenting and honing his art for more than a decade. His practice is rooted in traveling, exploring cities and being in touch with different cultures. His photography stems from a place of curiosity and sensitivity to his surroundings. At the core, he is an observer. Greatly inspired by the traditions of documentary and street photography, his work reveals overlooked details, singular characters and juxtapositions found in everyday life. He aims to question and further explore the absurd familiarity of what surrounds us. He is in constant search for a certain appreciation within the mundane, underlining our unique differences and shedding light on our shared universality.

Today, MHB embraces his commitment to 35mm photography as a tool to observe, share and better understand the unique particularities of our time. He is currently completing two art residencies in Buenos Aires, deepening his practice and creating new bodies of work while seeking for various exhibition opportunities.

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