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Max Hart Barnwell is a 33 year old artist from Montreal | tiohtiá:ke, Canada. He has been taking pictures on film and working with analog photography for 15 years. At its core, his practice is rooted in traveling and aims to shed light on our shared universality. After completing his studies in studio art at Champlain College in 2011, he pursued and obtained a BFA in photography from Concordia University in 2016. Since then he has taken part in group and solo exhibitions both locally and internationally while also partaking in various publications and art residencies. Most recently, he completed a 3 month art residency in Buenos Aires at Proyecto ACE and La Paternal, both resulting in group and solo exhibits. He also took part in a group show with Der Grief in Munich in summer 2023, and will have photographs featured in an upcoming group exhibition titled Connect held at the CICA Museum in South Korea in summer 2024. For him, photography serves as a powerful tool– a means to attentively observe, question and ultimately better understand the unique particularities of our time. In this pursuit, he seeks to define universal values and frame the intricate relationship between nature, humans and the objects that surround us.

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